About Us

Blackberry Repair in Mumbai” is one of the oldest player in the field of the Blackberry Repair & Service in Mumbai. We are Blackberry experts, we have experience of the more than 10 years for Blackberry.

Blackberry Repair in Mumbai” has many USP “Unique Selling Point” but One of our major USP “Unique Selling Point” is that we have stock of all the original accessories and original parts for all the Blackberry Models. We have repaired almost all kind of problems in Blackberry, this gives us lead over our competitors, hey hold’on don’t worry about the pricing. We always looking forward for maximum customer satisfaction at really affordable prices. Since its mutual relationship between the Customer And “Blackberry Repair in Mumbai” Team. We always stick to Win-Win situation for our valuable customers. Also our turnaround time for customer is single day but encase if problem is new will take 2 days not more than that.

You may think why we give importance to our customer, just simple reason one valuable customer will give many other valuable customers.if not, still  we will get contacts which helps in any other way.

These are the types of repairs we have done on Blackberry handsets:

  • Touchpad Problems
  • Mousepad Problems
  • Earphone socket Problems
  • LCD Dim light Problem
  • Red Light Problem
  • Speaker Problem
  • Mic Problem
  • Camera Standby Problem
  • Ringer Problem
  • Flash light Problem
  • Auto functioning key Problem
  • Charging / USB connector
  • Keypad problems
  • LCD broken / No display
  • Liquid damage
  • Replacement Battery cover
  • Replacement Chassis
  • Replacement Complete housing
  • Replacement Front housing
  • Replacement Plastic lens
  • Replacement battery
  • Software errors problems
  • Trackball scoller problem
    & Many More!!!!

If you have any of the such problem in your Blackberry Device, just give us try we never let you down.
After all we are “Blackberry Repair in Mumbai“. :)

Blackberry Repair In Mumbai